Was die Experten sagen

Lukas Novotny,

Buchautor von "Mounted Archery in the Americas" und Inhaber von "Saluki Bow" sagt:

“I love it, very clever for traditionals, painless, I would recommend it to everybody“.

Lukas Novotny Lukas Novotny

Dean Torges ✝,

der bekannte Bogenbauer, Entwickler des Tools von "The Bowyer's Edge" und Autor des Buches "Auf der Spur des Oasage-Bogens" meint:

“Great tool to repair shafts with, I like it“.

Dean Torges Auf der Spur des Osage-Bogens

Micha Wolf, Mitautor von "Reflexbogen" und

Konrad Vögele,

beide sind anerkannte Experten in Holz - Bogenbau und meinen:

“Geniale Spleißvorrichtung, ein Pfeilretter“.

Wolf und Vögele Konrad Vögele

Jaap Koppedrayer, Mitautor von "Reflexbogen"

und Spezialist für japanische Yumi Bögen und Bambuspfeile sagt:

"Arrow-Fix is an excellent tool for drilling the holes needed to insert the tang points (T-Tips) into bamboo shafts".

Jaap Koppedrayer

Achim Stegmeyer,

der namhafte Bogenbauer aus dem Südwesten von Deutschland meint:

“Raffiniertes Werkzeug, einfach Klasse”.

Achim Stegmeyer

Ginger Rudolph Schmidt,

Inhaber von Bavarian Longbow:

“Arrow-Fix ist die intelligenteste und professionellste Lösung zum Pfeile reparieren”.

Ginger Rudolph Schmidt

Tim Cosgrove,

Inhaber von Kustom King:

“Great tool”.

Tim Cosgrove

Dean Vanderhorst,

von 3Rivers Archery:

“Arrow-Fix is an amazing tool that can fix any standard diameter wood arrow shaft. Pays for itself after just a few repairs!”

Dean Vanderhorst

Michael Reape,

Bogen- und Pfeilbauer von Historic Archery:

“Great tool, I use it every day.”

Michael Reape

George Papac,

aus Kalifornien, USA hat den 1. Platz bei der NFAA National Championship und bei der California State Field Championship 2014 mit seinen Arrow-Fix reparierten Pfeilen gemacht.

“Congrats George!”

George Papac

Neil Beeby,

von Dyfi Valley Books & Archery:

“This is a beautifully engineered tool which will have paid for itself when just a few arrows have been repaired with it. Those of us who miss a lot and break arrows will be forever grateful to Helmut.”

Neil Beeby


über Arrow Fix Tool Repair Broken Arrow Shafts:

"No doubt this tool could have been invented and produced anywhere but the fact that it is of German design and made to German quality standards will only inspire confidence, of course the design has been well thought out, I have tried to think what other features they could have incorporated, but, it is so packed full of useful and clever features only the addition of waffle making facilities will improve the concept."

Archers Review


über Arrow Fix Accessory For Bamboo Arrows:

"The Arrow-Fix folk have done it again. They have created another great accessory for this incredible tool, pretty soon no doubt they will have an accessory that will bake you a Victoria sponge and make a 'nice cup of tea'..."

Archers Review