The clever solution to repair or reinforce your wood and bamboo shafts

Arrow-Fix tool

Drill Guide


  • to repair wood- and bamboo shafts
  • to power taper shafts
  • to make and fit hardwood footings
  • to drill cylindric bore into the center for tang points and tang nocks
  • to cut selfnocks into wood- and bamboo shafts

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Bamboo forest


  • Tonkin bamboo is the 'natural' carbon for shafts
  • excellently processed and robust
  • straightened, smoothed, spined and waxed
  • weighed groups of shafts by request

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Blitz and points

Points & Nocks

  • Tang points, for hundreds of years tried and trusted, available in various weights and diameters
  • Nocks made out of various natural materials like hardwood and horn
  • Lighted nocks for wood- and bamboo shafts
  • Screw-in points
  • Blitz - Broadheads

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