Spruce arrow-repair footing with inner cone

Sometimes an arrow can break quickly.

If there is no Arrow-Fix Tool at hand, the repair can be carried out quickly and easily with ready-made foreshafts. The repair foreshafts made of spruce wood have a 5º conical bore and can easily be attached to arrow shafts that have been sharpened with a sharpener. The length of the foreshafts is 160mm (6.3").

How to make it?

  • Cut the broken arrow shaft down to the intact part.
  • Sharpen the arrow shaft with a sharpener.
  • Apply glue (preferably epoxy) to the cone of the sharpened arrow shaft and attach and align the repair foreshaft.
  • After the adhesive has hardened, sand down the transitions.
  • No wood plane necessary.
  • No shere force, no large repair.
  • With the Arrow-Fix Tool these foreshafts can be made quickly and easily by yourself.

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