Selfnock V-Block

simple and robust

There is a great number of all kinds of different nocks available out there.
Nevertheless a lot of people like to make their own nocks to achieve a maximum level of authenticity for their arrows.

The Arrow-Fix Selfnock V-Block offers all important features to facilitate the selfnock cutting process.

Features and Functions of the Selfnock V-Block:

  • Arrow-Fix's selfnock V-Block proves that a tool for making selfnocks can be robust and without complicated mechanisms. There are no collets or clamping screws here.
  • The Selfnock V-Block consists of two halves with which all common shaft diameters such as 9/32", 5/16", 11/32", 23/64", 3/8" can be securely accommodated. Even less common shaft diameters, which occur with bamboo shafts, can be securely clamped.
  • The shaft is fixed by clamping the entire tool in the vice. A shoulder on both V-Block halves ensures a horizontal support on the vice jaws.
  • The V-Block and the saw groove ensure that the slot for the bowstring is always in the center of the shaft.
  • Two cylindrical guide pins prevent the V-Block halves from being tilted. The depth of the slot for the bowstring is infinitely adjustable. The entire tool is nitrided (surface-hardened) and provided with a black burnished surface protection.
  • A saw cord for sawing the bowstring slot can be supplied upon request.
Selfnock V-Block

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