Arrow - Fix Blowgun

The blowgun was originally designed as a tool for hunting and as a weapon. There are certain native tribes which still implement its use today.

It has become more popular as a sport art over time and proves to be a fun and affordable activity for people around the world. Aside from the enjoyment that the blowgun sport brings, it is known to strengthen the lungs and over all health of the individuals who practice with it regularly. It has been implemented into certain types of therapy which are used to strengthen the lung volume and to build up and condition the lungs.

The blowgun can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors.

It is offered in many varieties, but for tournaments the standard blow gun is usually no longer than 1210mm (47.3 in).

The ideal pipe length in combination with pipe diameter is:

  • diameter 10mm about Cal .40 (10.16mm); length 1200mm (47.3in).
  • diameter 12mm –14 mm (0.47in - 0.55in); length 1400mm – 1600mm (55.12in - 63in).
  • diameter 16mm about Cal .625 (15.87mm); length up to 2200mm (86.6 in).

Of course there are many optional combinations:

  • materials such as steel, aluminum, or carbon fibers.
  • pipe wall diameter.
  • diameter of the pipe.
  • the length of the pipe.

These option thus influence the:

  • weight of the blowgun.
  • the balance and stability of the blowgun.
  • the amount of air and air pressure necessary for shooting the blowgun.

The darts used along with the blowgun are also available in a variety of ways:

  • felt body, foil wraps, and plastic bodied darts.
  • bamboo, wood, steel, and carbon shafts.
  • steel needles, unattached steel dart tips, titanium tips.

The Arrow - Fix blowgun has the following components:

  • anodized precision aluminum pipe with a 10mm inner diameter ( about Cal .40), pipe wall thickness 1.0mm.
  • a choice of 3 different lengths: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm (31.46in, 39.37in, 47.24in).
  • attachable mouthpiece.
  • 2 hand grips made out of a medium soft rubber material, for the perfect grip.
  • 3 darts made out of dense felt with centered steel needles.

Qualities of the Arrow – Fix Blowgun:

  • Moderate length, light weight, precision aluminum tool made in Germany. Shoots excellently in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Easy to use and does not cause overexertion.
  • Easy to blow for both youth and adults. Having the choice of a blow gun with a 10mm inner diameter (about Cal .40) , pipe wall thickness of 1.0mm, and a choice of 3 different lengths: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, can make the product very adjustable according to the person using it.
  • There is a high scoring quota from a 20m (21.87yd) distance and even further distances have a good success rate of hitting the bulls eye on the target!.
  • With the two medium soft rubber hand grips the blowgun is stabilized while holding.
  • The 3 darts made out of dense felt with centered steel needles are excellent for shooting in a wide range of outdoor or indoor situations.
  • The Arrow - Fix darts are marked with a neon color tab so that they can be easily found.
  • The steel needle in the Arrow – Fix darts is very high quality and its strength lets it shoot particularly harder targets. If one likes, the darts can even be resharpened.
  • The darts and the blowgun are made from Arrow – Fix and can be reordered quickly.

A very good price to quality ratio with maximum results.

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