Arrow - Pen

Sometimes you sit at your desk dreaming of roaming through the woods with your bow and arrow in your hand or sometimes you have a flashback of seeing yourself shooting and feeling how impressive the last shots were.

This kind of daydream is easy to reinforce with a writing utensil made out of good old arrows.

Instead of trashing these kinds of arrows we use them to make writing utensils out of. Hence you can write with them like a dream and you can dream about bowshooting with them because you have an arrow in your hand.

These pens are available in different variants, each of them is a unique item.

  • Carbonshaft with gel pen.
  • Wood- or Bambooshaft with ball pen, friction pen or quill.
  • Of course the pens and quills are replaceable.

The base holders for these arrows are made out of various slices of wood (apple, plum, beech, osage orange, walnut, golden rain etc.)

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