Lighted Nocks for Wood- / Bambooshafts

What has been for a long time used with a carbon shaft, is also now available for a wood and Bamboo shaft. However, it requires some preparation of the shaft in order to install the lighted nock.

What is it:

  • The lighted nock consists out of a traditional relatively transparent plastic nock, that includes a light diode with a provided battery.
  • The battery provides ca. 28 hours of continues electricity for the lighted nock.
  • The lighted nock can be turned off and on.
  • After the battery's life is expired, the lighted nock can be removed from the shaft and replaced with a new lighted nock or a traditional nock without a light.

How it works:

To mount the lighted nock in the shaft, it is necessary to bore a central boring in the shaft with a specific depth such that the battery can be inserted.

  • A central boring, with a 4 mm diameter and 28 mm depth, is created in the shaft.
  • It is easy to make the centric bore into a bamboo shaft or a wooden shaft for the lightes nock. The T-Tip drill bit with the Arrow-Fix Tool or the Drill Guide work just great for that.
  • With Arrow-Fix or a nock sharpener create a cone to receive the lighted nock.
  • Adjust the boring diameter and depth as required such that at the battery can be set in the boring and lets the off light diode of the lighted nock sit against the cone of on the shaft.
  • The battery bottom needs to be fixed in the shaft, glued in the boring (so you can later turn the light off with a light turn and removal).

How it functions:

  • Set the arrow with the lighted nock into the bow string.
  • Shoot the arrow.
  • The light diode is turned on from the pressure that is created by the release of the bowstring while shooting.
  • The light diode can be turned off by lightly pulling the lighted nock from the battery.


Because of its delicate construction this lighted nock with wooden shafts is not meant for heavy duty shooting with strong bows. It is more qualified for display purposes.

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