Repair Kit, RepInsert-C, for the Carbon Arrow

Carbon arrows are not indestructible. It occurs often and mostly in the forward area, the first 5-6cm, that the damage happens.

This damage can splinter like a mushroom the shaft, pushing the point off center, out or breaking out.

Destroyed carbon shaft

What it is

  • The RepInsert-C lets you simply and quickly repair the carbon arrow..
  • The RepInsert-C can be used also in place of traditional inserts and points with new carbon shafts.
  • The RepInsert-C consists of a single piece of metal tubing (stainless steel, aluminium or brass) with a length of 83.0mm and inside diameter of 4.0mm, as well as a T-Tip point with a shaft that has a outside diameter of the point of 5/16".
  • Both parts are bound with a glue to a segment of the shaft.
Parts of the insert

Insert assembly

How it functions

  • The damaged shaft area of the carbon shaft is cut off square to the shaft. As a rule, the cut location is shortly after the end of the insert located in the shaft.
  • A second shaft segment would have to be cut from a matching arrow shaft so that the length of the arrow shaft can be maintained. The RepInsert-C serves a guide to align both shaft parts off one axis.
  • The two shaft parts and the RepInsert-C will now be glued together preferably with epoxy.
Insert preparation

Insert finish

  • The cut off point for both shaft parts serves now as a "bending point", where the RepInsert-C can bend from hard impacts and prevent the damage of the arrow shaft.
  • Bent arrows can be simply straighten again or repaired again with a RepInsert-C.
  • Damage from contact with hard objects occurs as a rule not anymore to the shaft but would be absorbed by the RepInsert-C.
  • Motto: "Better sacrificing an insert, than the whole arrow!"


RepInsert-C is available in 2 sizes for carbon shafts

  • With a 5mm inside diameter for example a 9/32" (for a Beman MFX and comparable sizes).
  • With a 6mm inside diameter for example a 5/16" ( for a Goldtip and comparable sizes).
  • And in various weights with an integral 125grain (100grain) stainless steel point.

  • 195grain (170grain) with stainless steel shaft for a 9/32" carbon shaft with a 5mm inside diameter.
  • 185grain (160 grain) with aluminium shaft for a 5/16" carbon shaft with a 6mm inside diameter.
  • 220grain (195grain) with brass shaft for a 5/16" carbon shaft with a 6mm inside diameter.
  • Additional weight variants upon request.


  • Carbon shafts would be able to be repaired.
  • "Bending area" hinders future splitting and breaking on the remaining carbon shaft.
  • The RepInsert-C can be built with new arrows also in place of traditional inserts and threaded points, in order to prevent against mushroom like splintering and breakage.
  • Fitted tang points can be set up with a 5° glue on broad head like the Blitz-Broadhead.

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